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Having two children myself, I realise how this precious time can slip by before you know it, and how important and special it is to have memories and mementoes of this time to treasure forever.

Fingers ‘n’ Toes began over 10 years ago, when Blanaid started taking imprints of gorgeous little hands and feet… delighted parents soon returned with their other children, and then their cousins and friends made their requests, too.

Simply working by word of mouth, producing beautiful creations for one satisfied customer after another, Blanaid built her business to include more and more special keepsakes.

Specialising in ceramic imprints of your baby or child’s hand and footprint, gently pressed into soft ceramic clay, Blanaid offers a range of beautiful tiles, 3D impressions and even silver jewellery. Imprints are offered in a range of finishes, creating a unique memory to display anywhere in your home. Every product is handcrafted and individual, and is finished within four to five weeks.

Blanaid is based in Cork but travels throughout Munster to take imprints and commision beautiful pieces, handcrafted at her workshop in Glamire. We can also arrange store visits, crèche/hospital visits, house parties and events for special occasions.

You can call Blanaid on 086-8150500, or click here to contact her now.