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Blanaid loves to create keepsakes in perfect detail, capturing every line and wrinkle of your precious baby’s hand or foot. It’s up to you how you choose to have this beautiful imprint preserved, and we will help you to choose from our unique range.

3D Impressions

Impression_ClayWe create beautiful three-dimensional impressions that capture those precious memories, using soft clay which is non-toxic and perfect for creating delicate imprints. Our impressions can be taken at any time, even if your baby is just days old, and are of the highest quality to ensure that they will last forever.  You can select natural rustic, classic, pink or powder blue, and we will discuss your requirements as you decide whether you prefer an impression of an individual hand or foot, or a multiple family set.

Our impressions are finished with a choice of three deep box frames, oak, white-washed or dark wood, and you will be delighted with the finished keepsake, which will suit any space in your home.

Ceramic Imprints

Our ceramic imprints are beautiful works of art, displaying your perfect imprint in vibrant colours, from Strawberry Cheesecake to Tractor Green. We are proud of our stunning range of colours and frames, which allow you to match your keepsake to your child’s bedroom or to their Grandparent’s dining room!

You can browse our options and make your selections to customise your personal keepsakes so that you will be able to display your imprint in your home forever.

Silver Finger Print Pendants

Why not carry your beautiful keepsake with you every day?

Imprinting your baby’s fingerprint on a solid silver pendant creates a unique and wonderful gift for birthdays, Christenings and Christmases, or simply as a celebration of your child at any time.

Single Hand or Foot Print on a Ribbon

ImpressionsWe can create a beautiful ceramic plaque including the name and age of the child, presented on a ribbon.

This could be the perfect gift for a loved one, preserving your imprint beautifully for an aunt, uncle, grandparent or godparent to treasure.



Gift Vouchers

GiftVoucherProductWe all know how quickly babies grow, and a gift voucher for an imprint will mean their tiny fingers and toes are recorded in precise detail for always.

This truly special gift will be beautifully presented and will include a list of options for the parents to choose from.

Perfect for godparents, grandparents and family members who want to give the couple a special gift that will become a family treasure.

Contact Blanaid for more information, or to buy a gift voucher today.





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